There are some simple and common-sense rules that must be followed whilst you are taking part in this event. This is the first time we have the privilege of holding Rotary Revival at Sydney Motorsport Park and we hope that we can continue to run this event each year. With this in mind, please take note of the following:

  • We will not tolerate any abuse of our staff, whom are all volunteers. Without our volunteers, this event wouldn’t be possible, so again – Respect the Venue, Respect the Event.


  • Marshalling for the cruise sessions will be on the top side of the Skid Pad area. The bottom section of the skid pad is the Show and Shine area. If you have a Garage spot on pit lane, you are able to enter the cruise sessions directly from pit lane without lining up in the marshalling area. All other entrants, who want to go out in the cruise sessions, will need to line up in the marshalling area on the skid pad.
  • All Passengers must wear a seatbelt and have signed a waiver before heading out on to the circuit.
  • No Stopping – No Drifting – No Burnouts – No Drifting – No Racing through cars around the corners – No stationary burnouts at all. This damages the track surface and you will be responsible to cover any repair costs. Short, straight rolling burnouts are ok but don’t make too much smoke causing issues for the car driving behind you.
  • If your car breaks down on the track, try and get off to the side of track and onto the grass. Don’t get out of your car unless it is on fire and keep all your passengers inside the car. We will see that you have broken down and we will send a recovery vehicle. If a car is in a place where it is dangerous to recover or if there is fluid on the track, we will bring all the cars into pit lane until the track is clear and then send you out again.
  • No speeds in excess of 130klms – If we see you going faster than this speed you will be removed from the cruising sessions. If you want to go fast around the corners, try the RACERS laps to see how you go.
  • All entrants must go through the chicane on the front straight in single file.
  • You are permitted to have short races along the straight sections of the track with the car beside you where it is safe to do so. No 3 wide racing at any time.
  • If you see the red lights around the circuit you need to slow down to 60ks and prepare to exit the circuit. This could mean that the session has ended or that there is a car that needs to be recovered or an incident has occurred on the track. You may also see an exit now sign or a finish flag is being waved. Please follow as instructed for the safety of all our staff and other entrants.

Failure to follow these simple will have you removed from the circuit and
your driving privileges will be terminated.