Vehicle Requirements:

When you arrive at the venue, you will head to the accreditation office to sign in and get your entrant paperwork and event stickers.

You will then need to have your car safety checked before you head into the venue.  If you fail to have your car checked before entering into the venue you will not get access to the track and will need to return to the accreditation office to have your car checked.

Once your car has passed the safety check, you will have a safety check sticker applied to your entrant sticker. It is your responsibility to make sure your vehicle is suitable for the events you will be taking part in.

We will be looking at the following things for the safety checks.

  • Seatbelts are working
  • Seats are secure
  • Roll cages have padding if you plan on going in the cruise sessions without helmets
  • Battery is secure
  • Brake lights are working
  • No oil, fuel or water leaks from the car
  • No open holes through the fire wall